The ideal family dream is not everyone’s reality; but every parent dreams of providing for their families.

With your help, Mom's House can continue it's mission to empower single parent families in Lancaster County to obtain an education, a gift that cannot be robbed of them, so they may become better parents, professionals and community members.

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My daughter was just over a year old when I first heard of Mom's House. Mom's House was an incredible blessing to us both, at a time when we truly needed it most. My fiancé had left us. My daughter and I had nothing.

I ended up homeless, facing the fact that I must quit my career, I had to find a place to live, transportation, and a job to provide for my family. As a new single and unemployed, homeless parent who would hire me? I needed to do something to improve my daughter's future.

Thankfully, I heard about Mom's House and scheduled an interview. I was so grateful.

I am overjoyed for this program and I feel blessed that our community cares about my daughter's future as much as I do. Mom's House works with the community and provides for our children with things we cannot provide and allows us to succeed in being better students, parents, and ultimately stronger and independent members of a thriving community. This has such a profound impact on each mother and their children, and allows us to experience what happens when a community comes together.

Giving my child a safe place to stay while I am at school, providing counseling, a study area, clothing, food, workshops and resource support eliminates stress and help me focus on my families future. I dream of when I can pay it forward to our community remembering everyone's kindness.