Congratulations! We all at Mom’s House are so proud of you and your accomplishments as a parent, professional and community member. Mom’s House wants to see you AND your child succeed and have a bright future!

We offer successful graduates of Mom’s House the opportunity to stay till the child starts their own educational journey into Kindergarten. Families will experience the same quality care, love and support as before, at a discounted rate.

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Graduates that do not qualify for childcare subsidy (ie "private pay"), tuition will be discounted 75% off from the of the standard daily rate established by the Pennsylvania Child Care Information Services (CCIS), the childcare subsidy program for Pennsylvania.

2016 CCIS Daily Preschool Rate:


Graduate Program Discount:


Daily Private Pay Rate:


Graduates that qualify for childcare subsidy (CCIS) will pay what CCIS issues their co-pay to be, which is based off their income and the CCIS income bell curve. Average is $5.00 per day. CCIS will continue to pay the balance of $34.85/standard rate.

The Mom's House II Graduate Program care moves from Contract Qualifying Terms (Full-time student, single) to Tuition Terms. *All parents receive 8 weeks of care after they graduate from the Mom's House [Student] Program this is called their "transition period". Please see your Program Director if you have not discussed your transition period yet.

Minimum full time schedule, which means 5 hours a day; 5 days a week.

Successful graduates are defined as had completed their education goal/degree and maintained a consistent good standing with the Mom's House contract and have a preschool child enrolled in our program at the time of the parents graduation.

Mom's House II Graduates will be required to continue to fulfill 1 service hour each week. (oppose to 3 hours per the Student Program) Tasks to fulfill the service hour requirement include:

  • Fundraising
  • Journaling
  • Mentoring
  • In-house cleaning
  • Attending in-house parent workshops

Payments will be accepted cash, check, online, credit card or money order. Payments and the service hour are due the Thursday (EOD) before the week of care. Late fees of $25.00 will be applied to the parents account after Thursday and returned check fees of $25.00 will be applied immediately. Care will be suspended for the following week going forward till the account is made current. After 2 weeks if the account has not been made current the parent will be dismissed from the program and the balance will be sent off to the local collections after 4 weeks.

No multiple child discounts will be given.

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